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Lara Bolton

Brandon Bozarth

Conscious Evolution: The Next Step for Humanity

Marc Caron

Secret Space Force

Donna McGrath

The Four Elements: A Gateway to the Divine

Anthony Zender

David Wolf

Donna McGrath


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Lara Bolton

Host of "It's an Inside Job" LIVE on The Conscious Vitality Network

“It’s an Inside Job”: overcome The Impossible & Create the LIFE You Want!! Your story doesn’t have to limit you any longer. Lara Bolton a Trauma survivor, Global Inspirational Speaker, and successful Entrepreneur will share with you her proven step-by-step system for addressing limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences by helping you find unconditional love for yourself and others to deliberately create the Life YOU Want! Lara is a single Mother of two beautiful adult girls. And most recently a grandmother to a beautiful baby boy. 

“…As a keynote speaker and coach for more than 20 years I have been working with women and men just like you to solve any problem, change the way they feel so they can act differently, find unconditional love for themselves (and others) and accomplish massive results in their lives and businesses…”

As someone who was on the streets for almost 4 years, Lara understands what it means to be desperate and have no hope. Her real passion remains in mentoring, helping and guiding others. She’s excited to host this show on The Conscious Vitality Network and is looking forward to connecting with the community to come together and help each other Experience: 

Brandon Bozarth

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Brandon works on helping to facilitate a transformational experience where you learn how to identify and transform unconscious programs, emotional patterning, and fear based beliefs that are creating your reality, most of the time without you even knowing it!


***Webinar Dates and Times are subject to change***

Webinar Topics will change every week and Included (not limited to):

Who is Brandon Bozarth?

Brandon (aka the Facilitator of Miracles) is a transformational coach, global retreat facilitator, channel, writer and spiritual teacher. He bridges psychology, esoteric spirituality and meta physics to help people remember who they truly are. He has worked with all walks of life; celebrities, billionaire CEO’s school students, entrepreneurs, therapists and life coaches to name a few. He has held transformational retreats in over 6 countries and has had 100’s of people graduate his intensive courses. His work revolves around creating ‘Miracles’ as he believes miracles are the natural way of life and not the exception. He has been featured in over a dozen podcasts, was recognized as a top 33 under 33 expert in his field in Goss Magazine and has collaborated with some of the top leaders in the new age spirituality movement he calls Atlantis Rising. He believes in this lifetime we will not only have global peace but will become an inner-planetary society creating a heaven on earth like we have never seen before!

Brandon is a spiritual teacher, channel and transformational facilitator. He has worked with A-list celebrities, leads and co-leads retreats and workshops in over 4 different countries, and has worked with 1,000’s of people around the world in his programs and private online communities. He is called the ‘Facilitator Of Miracles’ for his unique ability to channel the shifts in perspective needed in order for his clients to free their mind and remember who they truly are. He channels a Sassani being called ShaKa who specializes in personal transformation and disseminating universal wisdom. 

Podcasts Features

The Messy Masterpiece

How to Honor your inspiration

Soul Yum Life Podcast

The Art of Integration

We Are Lady Alpha

Why Men Lie

In Search of Good Men

Attracting a Healthy Relationship

Our Deepest Secrets Revealed

Creating Heaven on Earth

Our Deepest Secrets Revealed pt. 2

How to share your gifts with the world and be supported

Thursday @ 6pm pst

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Conscious Evolution: The Next Steps For Humanity

“Join Erai Beckmann, Kyleigha Beckmann or Joel ‘AVRG'” Goldszer on their investigative discovery journey as we interview contributors in a LIVE setting! This unique format gives us all a chance to connect LIVE, ask the HARD questions & get answers!

Learn with other like-minded, truth-seeking conscious individuals without fear of judgment or censorship.

This is a private community, opening the path for our contributors to share openly.”


Webinar Topics will change every week include (& not limited to):

Erai Beckmann

Conscious Vitality Co-Founder – Investigative Journalist For The Light – Co-Host – Content Curator

Erai Beckmann Co-Founder of Conscious Vitality is a passionate seeker of the truth. Erai has been interested in exploring the un-known since childhood. He would read all the mythology he could get his hands on, Greek, Native American, Norse, Indian, Asian etc.. He LOVED fantasy fiction, he read all 13 of the OZ books, everything from C.S Lewis and Tolkein. He then started searching out UFO’s once the internet started picking up speed. Watch everything he could find. Went to Sedona made friends with David Sereda and watched some of his stuff. Erai has also had his own personal experiences related to elite circles, UFO’s, and secret information. Erai became a fan of GAIA’s cosmic disclosure watching David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Emery Smith. Erai and Emery met in the fall of 2019 and a friendship very quickly emerged.  Conscious Vitality has quickly become an INCREDIBLE community that Erai is grateful to be a part of. In an effort to participate in the great awakening as a digital solider Erai has created a NEW show of his own: Strange Theories: Exploring the unknown with an open mind. Erai is excited to go further into conspiracy theories, UFO and other information typically only found on the deep web. This will give Erai an opportunity to interview other insiders, who wish to come forward and disclose on each of these topics. Erai will be interviewing and hosting, experts and well known personalities in each of these topics he’ll be sharing on this new show. We’re excited to build this community with EACH of you together! Be Well Your Friend & Fellow Light Worker Erai Beckmann

Kyleigha Beckmann

Conscious Vitality Co-Founder – Investigative Journalist For The Light – Co-Host – Content Curator

As a successful international child performer of dance & music, I experienced life’s pressures of stress & conformity at an early age. Living the “fast life” led to poor diet choices to maintain certain deadlines that are the cost of performing arts. Eventually, this led to being seriously ill for weeks, months of uncertainty and eventually…feeling lost.

Then just before entering my 20s I had an awakening… a connection of mind, body, and soul. A connection so powerful, it completely changed my life.

And so it began! My life as a “ truth seeker” …investigative journalist/reporter for the Light. A light that has been guiding me daily for years to dig deep, ask hard questions, and research everything I eat, drink breathe, and put in or on my body. I eliminated all processed foods/drinks/vitamins/medicines from my diet, even my skin care! After all, skin is the body‘s largest organ and perhaps most forgotten?!

Fast forward 15 years. I am proud to say that IAM A successful wife, mother, entrepreneur, and Brand Ambassador for my own Organic SkinCare Line called Conscious Botanicals, CBD Essential Oil Skin Care. Not only do I feel energetic and fabulous both mentally and physically, but leveling up to a conscious lifestyle has enabled me to create a community for Conscious living. Our Conscious Vitality Community is a safe place for like-minded people to share their thoughts and experiences through community that not only offers & supports healthy organic lifestyles to feed their bodies and minds, but a community that connects you with products and visionaries to assist you in becoming your best self!

I feel compelled to support others. To connect people from around the world who want to live consciously in peace and harmony. I’m able to provide this through my research and experience, as well as the connection I’ve made with myself in the spiritual world. It is my wish to continue to help others who may feel lost, confused, alone… Perhaps even “unconscious”… to find their light, their truths, YOUR CONSCIOUS VITALITY!

Kyleigha co-founded Conscious Vitality in 2012. Conscious Vitality is a passion project that Kyleigha has been brewing for many years. “The vision of sharing amazing pre-vetted products, science, empowering information, and building a community inspires me”. Conscious Vitality went on pause as the opportunity to open CBD in the Brazilian market took over. Erai and Kyleigha lobbied and successfully contributed to the change in legislation over the short time span of 8 months. In Brazil CBD moved from a schedule 1 illegal narcotic to be used medicinally. This officially went into place on January, 14th, 2015. August 2015 with the birth of her 1st baby girl, work and products went on pause for Kyleigha until now! Kyleigha is passionate about health! She was a raw vegan (pre-kids) and worked in health publishing, sharing new medical discoveries with doctors and scientists in an attempt to assimilate information faster. This previous project was Kyleigha’s RED PILL that opened the door to medical conspiracy and the TRUTH about what is actually is happening in the world which planted the seed that birthed Conscious Vitality.


Associate Producer, and Conscious Vitality “in-house” researcher, Co-Host. AVRJ (“Average”) Network Director, Video Producer, Co-Host, Investigative Journalist 

From Ancient Astronaut Theorist to Disclosure researcher, I’ve been a dedicated truth warrior searching for answers. As a Conscious Vitality member turned employee, I’ve been honored to continue my research while inspiring curiosity in our great community. Through my work at the network, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing  Military Veterans/ Intelligence Officers/ Agents/ Contractors, Doctors, Censored Journalists, Disclosure Filmmakers, Journalists and many more. My passions include: Alien/ ET/ UFO Research, Global Conspiracies, Next Generation Tech, and our Future World. 
Secret Space Force, the dream show I helped create, is the gift I hope to leave behind. It’s a home for prospective Secret Space Program personnel to share their life stories and thoughts on the world of disclosure. The show is meant to open people minds to the possibilities that might lie blindly in-front of us. 

I will always try to be the AVRJ person assuming humbleness, curiosity and positive vibes as we tackle mind bending concepts. It’s an honor to help share information with my fellow truth seekers! 


Marc Caron Host of Psychedelic World On Conscious Vitality

Wednesdays (every Second week) @ 6pm pst

Marc is an inspired living coach and agent of transformation. He is passionate about life and helping others to live the life they desire. He has been trained and studied with some of the world’s best in the areas of, Relationships, Health, spirituality, wealth, business and leadership. Passionate about life and inspiring others, Marc is committed to serving others in their growth and transformation to live a passionate fulfilled life. After a life-altering awakening experience in 2007, Marc committed his life to being in service to help others create an even better everyday life. Marc currently produces and co-hosts Conscious Living Radio, a weekly radio program that explores consciousness by interviewing authors, artists, spiritual teachers, and workshop facilitators, now in its 13th year. As an event planner, he also organizes and produces the world renowned “Spirit Plant Medicine Conference”, now in its 11th year.

Anthony Zender

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SECRET SPACE FORCE is a home for prospective Secret Space Program personnel to share their life stories and thoughts on the world of disclosure.

This uncensored show is meant to open people’s minds to the possibilities that might lie blindly in-front of us. It consists of a series of interviews with various veterans, insiders, and whistleblowers exploring the hidden technologies and the ongoing interactions between humanity and extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional forces.

Join us in exploring the unknown.

About Anthony Zender

Anthony Kaminski was born in 1985 in West Palm Beach Florida. At an early age he demonstrated gifted and talented abilities in the emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual realms. At six years old he had his first military abduction expierience as part of Operation Greenstar for the CIA. During his childhood he was abducted numerous time to Deep Underground Military Bases where he was turned into a Generation 6 MK Ultra Supersoldier. He was groomed throughout his whole life by the military and at the age of 16 was when he began his service for Dark Fleet for the Military Contractors Kruger, and MSL(Monarch Solutions Limited)

In his regular life he was a standout in the sport of wrestling, compiling a record of 122 wins and 18 losses during his high school wrestling career as well as going undefeated his senior year and winning the State Championships. After high school he enrolled in the United States Marine Corps as an infantry assaultman. During boot camp he was a standout and was nominated for the honored position of platoon commander or otherwise known as the guide. In boot camp he graduated second out of over 300 Marine recruits. During his Carreer as a Marine he did a combat tour in the city of Fallujah during Operation Iraqi Freedom 2. After 4 years he was honorably discharged.

After his honorable discharge from the Marines he embarked on the Martial Arts quest and began a career as a professional fighter where he still actively fights to this day and has fought 33 times. After his service in the Marines he started having ESP expieriences and he opened up pandoras box and took the red pill to find out that there was more going on in his life than met the eye. At the age of 25 he started getting memories back of his service in the secret space program and ever since then he has been going through the total recall experience of being an MK-Ultra MILAB Supersoldier for Kruger and the ACIO. Since his awakening he has been active in the UFO/Disclosure community promoting the release of the truth for full disclosure and justice for MILABS for the optimal timeline and Ascension of the planet to a type 1 civilization.

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Donna McGrath, former NIH Molecular Biologist, was invited to The White House under Ronald Reagan for her ground-breaking work on sickle-cell anemia, which was featured in TIME, Newsweek, API, UPI, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The New England Journal of Medicine.

Following her life-altering 1994 Journey to Enlightenment experience, in which the Light of God revealed the “cure for all dis-eases” to her, and revealed prophetic scenes regarding the history of the planet (which all have come true, including… to her, and revealed prophetic scenes regarding the history of the planet (which all have come true, including

As seen on CNN, Donna is a gifted Trance Medical Medium and Master Energy Healer who communicates and facilitates miracle healings from The Other Side. She has performed over 45,000 readings as a Trance Medium, Contacting the Deceased, and facilitated thousands of individual counseling sessions and miracle healings worldwide utilizing her unique channeled long-distance healing technique.

About Donna McGrath

Miracle Healer and Medical Medium,Author and Teacher

Donna worked behind the scenes on Bravo TV’s hit show, Project Runway, Season 4, energetically inflating a model’s collapsed lung via phone and obviated the need for subsequent lung surgery the next week…

Additionally, her work has obviated the need for knee surgery, lung surgery, and lung transplant. She has facilitated miracles in cases of HIV, cancer, psychological diseases, drug weaning and rehab, asthma, anxiety, depression, addiction, sexual issues, headaches, dermatomyositis, kidney disease, hearing and sight loss, food intolerances, anorexia, bulimia, bipolar disorder, ADD, allergies, gluten intolerance, genetic diseases, disc herniations, back pain and a plethora of other grief and relationship related issues.

She acted in and advised on the set of The Mandala Maker, an independent film in which a young woman heals herself of a severe emotional trauma by painting healing mandalas, which qualified for an Oscar in 2009.

She starred in the documentary, Snake Hill, in which one man’s 22 year search for his grandfather’s remains leads to the largest disinterment/re-interment in US history at New Jersey’s infamous Snake Hill burial grounds.

Slated for future release are From Corporate Mentality to Spiritual Reality; A True Out-of Body Journey to Enlightenment, Miracles of Total Body Healing, True Cases of Miracle Healings from the Files of a Master Energy Healer, and Healing Your Feelings, Change Your Life, An Emotional Transformation Technique for Healing the Self and Interpersonal Relationships.

Mentality to Spiritual Reality, Mystical Experiences where Donna describes her transcendent OBE to the Light of God and several other mystical experiences such as kundalini experiences, pre and post cognition and an angelic visitation from the Archangel Gabriel.

Donna McGrath is the originating founder of the non-profit, Create-a-Miracle Foundation, a foundation sponsoring cost-free Spiritual Healing Modalities, a Spiritual Healer Network, Energy Healing Instrumentation Laboratory,Nutritional Supplementation, and Housing for Children ages 0-99!

Watch an interview with Donna done by the
New York Post.

Saturdays @ 6 PM PST (Once Monthly)

Fridays @ 12 noon PST | 3pm EST

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The Four Elements: A Gateway to the

Elements = El (God in Ancient Hebrew), Ment: (Mind)

Elements = Mind of God, when combined create the most potent, comprehensive transformation available. Learn to Alchemize your INNER elements with Brandon, Jayden Lance & Zach!

Water: Emotions

Air: Mind - Mentality

Fire: Transformation

Earth: Body

Zachary Owen Heidemann | Earth

Element of earth description:
The element of Earth is the soul & purpose of all elements, as it represents a basis for each of them as well as for our existence, and something we all want to accomplish – materialization of our desires in our physical reality.

Earth represents matter itself, our physical body, and with it our finances, the food we eat, and our daily routine.

It is synchronicity that our planet shares the same name as this element, as it is the elemental basis of all life forms on this planet.
From wild plant walks identifying edible & medicinal plants and mushrooms, to cultivating your own garden of ingredients, to turning it all into various forms of medicines, Zachary utilizes his embodiment of the earth element as a reminder that all living things are sacred and that each moment we honor our sacred relationship to nature we can have and be more than enough.

Utilizing plant and mushroom medicines combined with holistic integrative coaching and healthy lifestyle changes in 1:1 and group settings, Zachary effectively gives everyone who is ready permission to reconnect with our sacred nature and thoroughly enjoy living life.

Jayden’s Grahlman | Water

The water element connects to the current of life. Your unique flow, if you allow yourself to follow it, connects you to a life of joy & fulfillment. Not only does your unique passion and flow take you exactly where you need to go, but it also brings TO you, everything you need, in perfect timing. Jayden’s mastery teaches the way of ALLOWING your true path in life to serve and support you. Jayden works with the water element by removing every obstacle to the presence of peace, passion and flow. Jayden’s specialty is using negative emotions as a gateway into letting go of unconscious fears that prevent us from our natural state of ease and grace.

Lance Stukaloff | Air

The air element governs movement. The movement of energy within the entire being – on the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels. Through breathwork, by intentionally focusing awareness on the act of breathing, Lance invites you to respirate = to re-spirit = to bring Spirit into your being so that you may embody your highest potential. The breath serves to anchor your awareness in the present moment while moving stagnant energy on all levels so that density and blockages can be transformed in the presence of conscious awareness.

Brandon Bozarth | FIRE

The fire element is all about transformation and transmutation. Taking one thing and transforming it into another. The ancients referred to this practice as ‘alchemy’ using the metaphor of turning lead (fear) into gold (love). Brandon works with the fire element by creating a field of transmutation in which any and all negative beliefs and patterns that arise can be burned up and transformed. Specializing in the release of ‘stuck’ beliefs, confusion and trauma the fire element brings clarity and light to the deepest aspect of the unconscious mind.

David Wolf

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