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Master Your Emotions, Expand Your Consciousness.

Join BRANDON BOZARTH on CONSCIOUS VITALITY’s next webinar series and hone your inner strength to get through the next chapter of our lives as a NEW WORLD unfolds before us.

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Webinars are every Tuesday at 6pm PST

***Webinar Dates and Times are subject to change based on Brandon Bozarth’s availability***

“Brandon will help facilitate a transformational experience where you learn how to identify and transform unconscious programs, emotional patterning, and fear based beliefs that are creating your reality, most of the time without you even knowing it!”

Webinar Topics will change every week and Included (not limited to):

  • The 13 tricks of fear
  • How to transform negative unconscious beliefs
  • Living your passion is your natural state
  • Expanding synchronicity and miracles in your life
  • Mastering your emotions
  • Conscious Connection
  • Transmuting Past Traumas
  • Survival Consciousness
  • Abandance Mind RE-SET
  • Master Personal Power
  • Choose LOVE not FEAR
  • Braking through your mental LIMITATIONS
  • The basics of a holographic reality
  • Healing relationships through the power of reflection
  • Meeting your Higher Self
  • Living in the PRESENT MOMENT
  • Live your Truth
  • Find your inner Light
  • Awaken your TRUE self
  • Transform Pain in to POWER
  • Break free form Society Sterotypes
  • Mental FREEDOM

Who is Brandon Bozarth?

Brandon (aka the Facilitator of Miracles) is a transformational coach, global retreat facilitator, channel, writer and spiritual teacher. He bridges psychology, esoteric spirituality and meta physics to help people remember who they truly are. He has worked with all walks of life; celebrities, billionaire CEO’s, school students, entrepreneurs, therapists and life coaches to name a few. He has held transformational retreats in over 6 countries and has had 100’s of people graduate his intensive courses. His work revolves around creating ‘Miracles’ as he believes miracles are the natural way of life and not the exception. He has been featured in over a dozen podcasts, was recognized as a top 33 under 33 expert in his field in Goss Magazine and has collaborated with some of the top leaders in the new age spirituality movement he calls Atlantis Rising. He believes in this lifetime we will not only have global peace but will become an inner-planetary society creating a heaven on earth like we have never seen before!

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