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Part of team put together by Prof. Courtney Brown out of The Farsight Institute, 2010, to remote view blindly (meaning no knowledge of said target), potential artificial structures on the planet Mars.

Source photo: Mars Orbital Camera, narrow-angle image M11 00099, NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems


Author, Remote Viewing instructor (Farsight Institute, Atlanta GA.), Nutritional consultant and personal trainer


Author and lecturer

Ambassadors to the Stars, Sage pub. 2011 rev. 2015. Twenty five plus years research into UFOs.

Nutrtion consultation and personal training (over 25+ yrs)

Business partner in fitness center over 25 yrs (personal trainer in facility 1983-2008). Nutritional Consultant in Health Food Industry (2010 to current). Various courses completed from leading mfgr of various nutritional supplements.

Remote Viewing Instructor

Studied (The Farsight Institute, Atlanta, GA. 1997-2002), practiced and instructed for over 20 years.

About me

Tony Sivalelli

Author, Ambassador to Conscious Vitality, RV Instructor

Researcher of UFO phenomenon (25 yrs), Remote Viewing instructor (learned via The Farsight Institute, 1997-2002), completed courses of the study of the out-of-body-experience (via The Monroe Institute, 1997-1998) and Transcendental Meditation (via Maharishi Vedic Schools, 1996-1997). Author book title <em>Ambassadors to the Stars</em> (Sage pub. 2011, rev. 2015). President/partner Fitness Center and personal trainer (1983-2008). Nutritional consultant, health food store (2011-2021).

Volunteer Participation’s:                                                        Detroit Zoological Society: Zoo Ambassador; greeted members and guests of the park (children, adults and groups). Gave park tours while informing on both Zoological and Paleontology histories (Detroit, MI. 03/2008 – 03/2012).


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