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Erai Beckmann

Investigative Journalist for the Light

Erai Beckmann Co-Founder of Conscious Vitality is a passionate seeker of the truth. Erai has been interested in exploring the un-known since childhood. He would read all the mythology he could get his hands on, Greek, Native American, Norse, Indian, Asian etc.. He LOVED fantasy fiction, he read all 13 of the OZ books, everything from C.S Lewis and Tolkein. He then started searching out UFO’s once the internet started picking up speed. Watch everything he could find.

Went to Sedona made friends with David Sereda and watched some of his stuff. Erai has also had his own personal experiences related to elite circles, UFO’s, and secret information. Erai became a fan of GAIA’s cosmic disclosure watching David Wilcock, Corey Goode & Emery Smith. Erai and Emery met in the fall of 2019 and a friendship very quickly emerged. Erai shared Emery with his wife Kyleigha and after watching a number of his episodes they ageed together that they wanted to invest their own savings into bringing more of Emery to the world. And in turn creating a funding source to help support Emery’s much needed work. Conscious Vitality has quickly become an INCREDIBLE community that Erai is grateful to be a part of. In an effort to participate in the great awakening as a digital solider Erai has created a NEW show of his own: Strange Theories: Exploring the unknown with an open mind. Erai is excited to go further into conspiracy theories, UFO and other information typically only found on the deep web.

This will give Erai an opportunity to interview other insiders, who wish to come forward and disclose on each of these topics. Erai will be interviewing and hosting, experts and well known personalities in each of these topics he’ll be sharing on this new show. We’re excited to build this community with EACH of you together! Be Well Your Friend & Fellow Light Worker Erai Beckmann