We are standing at the threshold of a new reality.

Can you feel it?

Have we finally entered the great “shift of ages” that has been foretold by various cultures and wisdom traditions for thousands of years?

At Conscious Vitality, it is our mission to provide our members with cutting edge information, conscious products, and an unrestricted network where you can connect and learn with other like-minded, truth-seeking conscious individuals without fear of judgment or censorship.

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Kyleigha Beckmann

Co-Founder, Investigative Journalist For The Light, Co-Host.

As a successful international child performer of dance & music, I experienced life’s pressures of stress & conformity at an early age. Living the “fast life” led to poor diet choices to maintain certain deadlines that are the cost of performing arts. Eventually, this led to being seriously ill for weeks, months of uncertainty and eventually…feeling lost.

Then just before entering my 20s I had an awakening… a connection of mind, body, and soul. A connection so powerful, it completely changed my life.

And so it began! My life as a “ truth seeker” …investigative journalist/reporter for the Light. A light that has been guiding me daily for years to dig deep, ask hard questions, and research everything I eat, drink breathe, and put in or on my body. I eliminated all processed foods/drinks/vitamins/medicines from my diet, even my skin care! After all, skin is the body‘s largest organ and perhaps most forgotten?!

Fast forward 15 years. I am proud to say that IAM A successful wife, mother, entrepreneur, and Brand Ambassador for my own Organic SkinCare Line called Conscious Botanicals, CBD Essential Oil Skin Care. Not only do I feel energetic and fabulous both mentally and physically, but leveling up to a conscious lifestyle has enabled me to create a community for Conscious living. Our Conscious Vitality Community is a safe place for like-minded people to share their thoughts and experiences through community that not only offers & supports healthy organic lifestyles to feed their bodies and minds, but a community that connects you with products and visionaries to assist you in becoming your best self!

I feel compelled to support others. To connect people from around the world who want to live consciously in peace and harmony. I’m able to provide this through my research and experience, as well as the connection I’ve made with myself in the spiritual world. It is my wish to continue to help others who may feel lost, confused, alone… Perhaps even “unconscious”… to find their light, their truths, YOUR CONSCIOUS VITALITY!

Kyleigha co-founded Conscious Vitality in 2012. Conscious Vitality is a passion project that Kyleigha has been brewing for many years. “The vision of sharing amazing pre-vetted products, science, empowering information, and building a community inspires me”. Conscious Vitality went on pause as the opportunity to open CBD in the Brazilian market took over. Erai and Kyleigha lobbied and successfully contributed to the change in legislation over the short time span of 8 months. In Brazil CBD moved from a schedule 1 illegal narcotic to be used medicinally. This officially went into place on January, 14th, 2015. August 2015 with the birth of her 1st baby girl, work and products went on pause for Kyleigha until now! Kyleigha is passionate about health! She was a raw vegan (pre-kids) and worked in health publishing, sharing new medical discoveries with doctors and scientists in an attempt to assimilate information faster. This previous project was Kyleigha’s RED PILL that opened the door to medical conspiracy and the TRUTH about what is actually is happening in the world which planted the seed that birthed Conscious Vitality.

ERAI Beckmann

Co-Founder, Truth Seeker, Investigative Journalist For The Light, Co-Host.

Over the last four months, Conscious Vitality has attracted such an amazing group of talented heart-centered and conscious leaders that I can scarcely believe it. What started out as an idea is now catching on like wildfire, as millions of people are awakening to the greater truths of our reality and their implications for the human race. 

I believe that this unique time in history represents an unprecedented opportunity for human evolution and the awakening of the human soul in ways that have remained the stuff of myth and legend, until now.

As an entrepreneur, medicinal cannabis advocate, and family man, I believe we must join together in this critical time now, more than ever. As consciousness seeking humans, we must begin to form new, stronger connections and new communities based on the healing power and intelligence of Mother Earth’s natural and abundant medicines.

I’m asking you to help us, and become a warrior for truth and contribute to a peaceful, global evolution in consciousness. Our private community is uncensored and features the very leading edge in consciousness driven content, natural products, and conscious community.

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