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Community Testimonials

Monica M.

August 21, 2020

June 5, 2020 on Dr. Darrell Wolfe & Erai Beckmann: “Mind Over Medicine: Creating a Healthy Mind, Body & Planet Together”

“This is a fantastic interview! Thank you very much!”

Havva S.

September 25, 2020

September 25, 2020 on Brandon Bozarth: “Portals & Indian Reserve FBI Cover-up w/ Emery Smith and Donald Trump”

“Fascinating information. Looking forward to learning more. Thanks so much!”

Simona J.

July 5, 2020

July 5, 2020 on Aloma Vente: “Mastering Manifestation with the Grabovoi Technique”

“Hi, I am listening to Aloma now and it is captivating. Seems like important information for our survival.”

Gaile F.

August 30, 2020

August 30, 2020 on David Nino Rodriguez – Heavyweight Boxing Champion: “Hollyweird to the Great Awakening”

David Rodriguez is awesome! I love shows that make me feel uplifted and this one did it for me. So, I just wanted to add that I always use the motto of ‘Let go and Led GD’ and when I do, I receive the signs and answers I need. I hope you have David on again in the not so distant future. Let’s all meditate and pray for peace and a positive direction for the universe.”

“Thank you for all you do and for sharing a platform where one can speak from the heart.”

Lilly R.

September 25, 2020

October 12, 2020 on Anthony Zender: “Secret Space Force Ep 3: Missions, #SAVETHECHILDREN, Trump, Arrests”

“Incredible content! Thanks for not censoring any details, simply raw.”


August 20, 2020

August 20, 2020 on Riss Flex: “Inter-Dimensional & Planetary World”

“Thank you for sharing. I like to be with spiritual friends. It may sound different but I feel a sense of family joy. God bless.”

Lara B.

September 30, 2020

“Since becoming a part of the Conscious Vitality community I am constantly inspired “for their content to make a difference in the world. I’m amazed @ how much I am learning that can be applied immediately to help me and my network accomplish goals and. Thank you Conscious Vitality.”

Emma B.

October 1, 2020

“My experience with Conscious Vitality has been incredible. The team is so friendly and they truly care about their client’s health and wellbeing. Such a great community to be a part of, always happy to help and answer any questions. Also, always trying to move forward and increase and share their knowledge. I am inspired by the content on their live shows and find them so interesting. I am also a member of Gaia but love how Conscious Vitality has new interviews weekly and there is an opportunity to be interactive and ask questions. I am loving the Mastering Manifestation course and look forward to seeing where this company expands to next on their exciting journey of discovery.”

Richard B

September 17, 2020

“I would say what impresses me the most about this team with Erai and Kyleigha is their sincere dedication to unraveling the truth no matter where it leads. They are beautiful souls who certainly have an elevated level of consciousness and awareness. They bring on some of the most interesting guests that keep you riveted. There are very few sites I would say that have this level of integrity and honesty which is why I am staying with them. They have bent over backwards for me when it comes to customer service and some difficulty with funds periodically. I can not say enough about Conscious Vitality but do yourself a favor and join them and you will begin to understand why I give them such a high recommendation. My time is pulled in many directions so it is doubly important for me to obtain information that is up to date and can not be easily obtained elsewhere.”

The next steps in our human evolution

Next Show: 

Topic: Is Your Clothing GIVING you Energy, or Taking it Away?!?!?

Find out how what you wear every day could be robbing you of energy and what YOU can do about it! 

LIVE Interview with: Dr. Marcel Wolfe 


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Thu6pm PT (9PM ET)

***Webinar Dates and Times are subject to change***

Webinar Topics will change every week and Included
(not limited to):

Suppressed Technology and Classified Projects

Aliens… Do they live among us?How to communicate with Aliens. How to use your ESP.

Alien Medical Technology. What exists today and how can I use it?

Where can we access it?

What does the future have for new medical breakthroughs?

Why is it suppressed?

Where can you go to get treatments?

What relation does this have on the impact of our longevity?

What is Autologous Cell Therapy?

Do ETs have similar body somatotypes as humans?

What is gene hacking? Why is it important?

How long has ungoverned gene hacking been going on?

What’s coming!!!??Revolutionary ET/ Alien Technology, the future is here. = How long have UFOs been landing on Earth?

How long have we had access to Alien Technology?

How does it affect our world today.

How does it affect me individually?

1st Contact- How to connect with our Alien friends. Things to watch out for, do and avoid.

How can humans prepare to be amongst the stars?

Are all ETs inter-dimensional?

Brandon works on helping to facilitate a transformational experience where you learn how to identify and transform unconscious programs, emotional patterning, and fear based beliefs that are creating your reality, most of the time without you even knowing it!


Tue6pm PT (9PM ET)

***Webinar Dates and Times are subject to change***

Webinar Topics will change every week and Included
(not limited to):

  • The 13 tricks of fear
  • How to transform negative unconscious beliefs
  • Living your passion is your natural state
  • Expanding synchronicity and miracles in your life
  • Mastering your emotions
  • Conscious Connection
  • Transmuting Past Traumas
  • Survival Consciousness
  • Abandance Mind RE-SET
  • Master Personal Power
  • Choose LOVE not FEAR
  • Braking through your mental LIMITATIONS
  • The basics of a holographic reality
  • Healing relationships through the power of reflection
  • Meeting your Higher Self
  • Living in the PRESENT MOMENT
  • Live your Truth
  • Find your inner Light
  • Awaken your TRUE self
  • Transform Pain in to POWER
  • Break free form Society Sterotypes
  • Mental FREEDOM

Who is Brandon Bozarth?

Brandon (aka the Facilitator of Miracles) is a transformational coach, global retreat facilitator, channel, writer and spiritual teacher. He bridges psychology, esoteric spirituality and meta physics to help people remember who they truly are. He has worked with all walks of life; celebrities, billionaire CEO’s, school students, entrepreneurs, therapists and life coaches to name a few. He has held transformational retreats in over 6 countries and has had 100’s of people graduate his intensive courses. His work revolves around creating ‘Miracles’ as he believes miracles are the natural way of life and not the exception. He has been featured in over a dozen podcasts, was recognized as a top 33 under 33 expert in his field in Goss Magazine and has collaborated with some of the top leaders in the new age spirituality movement he calls Atlantis Rising. He believes in this lifetime we will not only have global peace but will become an inner-planetary society creating a heaven on earth like we have never seen before!

Podcasts Features

The Messy Masterpiece – ‘How to Honor your inspiration

Soul Yum Life Podcast – ‘The Art of Integration

We Are Lady Alpha – ‘Why Men Lie

In Search of Good Men – ‘Attracting a Healthy Relationship

Our Deepest Secrets Revealed – ‘Creating Heaven on Earth

Our Deepest Secrets Revealed pt. 2 – ‘How to share your gifts with the world and be supported

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Follow your intuition. You are here for a reason.

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Follow your intuition. You are here for a reason.

Watch our latest show free; no strings attached. Sign up now.